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Press Page

Below is a collection of press & publicity featuring my jewellery. Click on image to view in detail or to follow link.
Crafts Magazine Christmas gift guide 
Devonshire Magazine 
House of Coco 
From Britain with Love 
Canary Wharf Arts & Events 
New Ashgate Award
Daily Mail - Sept 2014  
Craft&Design - Sept/Oct 2014  
Flux Studio News: Alex Yule Wins Gold! 
Feature by Anouszka Tate for 'Your Coffee Break' June 2014
Lauren Hannmann Sporting My Mussel Hook Earrings & Mussel Necklace, Photos courtesy of 'Your Coffee Break' June 2014
Craft & Design Selected Awards 2014 - Gold
I was delighted to receive a ‘Gold Award’ in the ‘Craft & Design Selected Awards 2014’ for Jewellery & Precious Metals.

Judge's Statement - Gold Award - Alex Yule

"Although my personal preference is generally for large, bold jewellery there was something very appealing about Alex's jewellery that jumped out at me. It is whimsical and romantic, beautifully observed and commercial in the positive sense of the word. Much of its attraction lies in the fact that it is detailed but not over-laboured. There is an obvious passion and integrity about Alex's jewellery, but at the same time her collections are clearly well thought out and focussed. Simultaneously each collection has a distinctive theme and look, so there is a cohesive thread in evidence which makes them hang together extremely well. Even her commission work reflects this as, although the client has clearly had an in-put, the finished design bears Alex's signature. Alex uses an interesting repertoire of techniques.I am looking forward to seeing how her work develops."

House of Jewellers - Designer of the month  
Craft&Design - BCTF - March 2014  
Craft & Design Selected Awards 2013
I was delighted to receive a ‘Silver Award’ in the ‘Craft & Design Selected Awards 2013’ for Jewellery & Precious Metals.

Judge's Statement - Silver Award - Alex Yule
Alex's website and approach to her jewellery made me look further into her recent move into jewellery making. After a background in architectural model making for many years, Alex has clearly thought about not only what she wants to achieve, but how she intends to achieve it. I was particularly impressed with her range of commissioned work, with good images all presented on an attractive, clean, contemporary website. Launching it in time for her first trade fair, where her work was well received showed good preparation and a desire to establish herself. It is clear that Alex has ambitions on all levels to become a respected designer jeweller and I am delighted to give Alex the silver award.

Craft&Design - September/October 2013 
Elemental Jewellery 
BCTF - March 2013 
Ask Elysia - March 2013